Who owns copyrights to the content?

Rights always belongs to you. Although it implicitly applies, we mention it in our Terms of Service.

How long does trial last?

Trial lasts for 1 month (30 days). But we can extend it for you, if you are not sure. In that case please contact me on email michal@contributr.io

Can I submit vectors?

Yes, we support both vectors and photos. Vectors are being uploaded same as photos, just upload EPS files and we will handle the dirty work under the hood - generates thumbnails, ZIP files etc.

AI tagging works with vectors too.

Can I submit videos too?

Currently no, but we are working on implementing videos too.

If you are video contributor, then contact us on: michal@contributr.io. For feedback on this functionality, we offer 2 free months with Professional plan.

Do you extract IPTC tags from photos I upload?

We extract title, caption and keywords from JPEG files you upload. So you can expand your portfolio without tagging again.

Do you compress JPEGs?

No, in our app JPEGs are never compressed in any process. So you don't need to worry about your photos quality